The process is focused on what a person needs rather than a specific type of counselling. There are a very large number of methodologies in the market place of counselling. We all have a uniqueness about us as individuals and this is especially true when it comes to working through issues that are unique to us. This is predominantly why self help books do not work for everyone.

Work begins with an assessment, which then helps to formulate a plan of action that the individual can understand as a journey and discovery of what the root issues are that they desire to work through.

Progress reports are ongoing and keep the individual constantly in touch with email feedback following sessions so that one can ponder on the last session and work through the experience again, post session, to gain a greater self awareness. Being aware of ones progress also empowers a person to be a part of the strategy of planning future sessions and the subject matter they want to deal with in those sessions.

Sessions are varied in length of time as individuals process at their own speed. A range of sessions last from one hour, two, three or full days. These are prior arranged and booked in agreement with all concerned.

We have found that many people do not want to spend months working through issues that are debilitating their lives and this is why we have increased sessions up to a full day so that they can pursue the issue through from start to finish. Basically, if a person knows the ‘bad’ fruit that they are experiencing in their lives and have the determination to get it dealt with in as short a time as possible then we will facilitate such. This is not as daunting a task as one might believe. The human mind is quite capable of dealing with substantial issues in a short space of time.

Along with these sessions, we also provide healing weeks, which marriages really prosper from attending. A joint session at the beginning of two hours followed by daily individual sessions of three hours concludes with a final joint session of three hours. These healing weeks turn blah and ordinary marriages into amazing marriages. The commitment asked for in these healing weeks are simply that each person be honest with them self. Healing weeks are also available for individuals of course.

Pre-marital counselling is foundational for a marriage to be set up to succeed. It is phenomenal to observe a couple deal with issues early in their relationship that normally arise much later and too often lead to dysfunctional coping mechanisms which neither are happy with. Equipping newly weds with easily understood tools to deal with cultural, social and other aspects of relationships gives them a head start in their marriage.

If you have a relationships that is not improving in the home and you are sick of ignoring the Elephant in the living room (the problem), then One Step Beyond Counselling and Coaching can help.

Addictions and habits formed are like being in a wheel rut in life. We only notice the wheel rut when we want to get out of it! Behaviour modification just isn’t enough, it isn’t a cure, it is just hard work. Like stopping smoking and continuing to desire to smoke, it’s a constant nagging in the mind and a constant fight to succeed. The wheel rut is always there for us to fall back into!

The intensity of this process is based not on the work load, but on the individual and their being trained to use skills that they didn’t know that they had.

Healing days are 6-7 hours focusing on the specific areas with an emphasis on a known direction or subject matter ie. Childhood Abuse, Rape, PTSD, Addiction, Anxiety, Control. When the direction and the situation is known, and the effects that it is having in their life are apparent then a Healing day would be of value.

Contact One Step Beyond Counselling and Coaching for more information regarding your own homeostasis, being at peace with yourself and also with others.

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Glial cells in your central nervous system are more numerous than brain cells, and you have a hundred trillion brain cells! Look up Dr. Douglas Fields on youtube and see what these Glial cells do in your brain and elsewhere.
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