Marriage and relationships are crucial areas to have working well in our lives, but it is extremely surprising how many marriages have relationships that become dysfunctional even over a short period of time. Remembering that marriage has been role modeled to us by our parents, society and the media it is little wonder that the majority of marriages could use a tune up over time.

It is easy to live in an ordinary marriage and cope with each others idiosyncracies by ignoring them or by repressing how we feel about them. What would it take to have and experience an amazing marriage? Actually not an awful lot!

Turning a marriage into something special, even after years of neglect is not going to take an arm and a leg to resolve. It takes each person to become honest with them self and then to become honest with each other.

Guilt, shame, fear, control, victim, contempt and other factors were part of John and Wendy’s marriage. We are amazed at how good our marriage is and actually how much we didn’t have to do in tuning it up to become the amazing marriage it now is.

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