What are Boundaries?

Boundaries are the things we get upset and angry over when we realize that someone just crossed a boundary of ours!

  • A driver cutting you off is someone not respecting your boundary.
  • A person getting you to do something you don’t want to do is someone not respecting your boundary.
  • Bullies don’t respect other peoples boundaries.
  • A one sided relationship infringes on our boundaries.
  • Boundaries affect everyone of us, all day, everyday.

If we were not taught something about boundaries in childhood it is likely that they become an issue for us later.

A vast amount of human beings problems stem from not knowing our own personal boundaries. When we do not understand our personal boundaries it is only after the fact that we deal with the repercussions, which has numerous ways of presenting itself. Examples are; Bitterness toward a person, or resentment, anger, hatred, retaliation, or revengeful thoughts. Just as detrimental to our body is holding in and repressing such feelings which has a wear and tear effect on the physical health of a person.

Being comfortable with saying “No” is a part of understanding our boundaries, but being comfortable making sure people are aware that we are saying “No” is more freedom in understanding our boundaries.

  • Cannot say No to a person?
  • Cannot hear No from a person where you want to hear Yes?
  • Cannot say Yes or have trouble in making decisions?
  • Cannot hear Yes when others make decisions where you wanted a No?
  • Possibly there are some boundary issues in your life?


Did you realize

Glial cells in your central nervous system are more numerous than brain cells, and you have a hundred trillion brain cells! Look up Dr. Douglas Fields on youtube and see what these Glial cells do in your brain and elsewhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYiyhcZCNxc
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